Symposium Rabat

Unleashing Brilliance: Effects of Multilingual education on the brain of gifted children in Morocco

Mirjam Najjar (Meyis practitioner’s office giftedness) in collaboration with Hayat Omari will present the first Symposium in Morocco about multilingual development of neurodivers brains (especially gifted brains).


09:30  Registration
10:00   Start Symposium
10:15    Lecture Hayat: Supporting multilingual development in neurodiverse                  children
11:15     Lecture Mirjam: Is my child/student gifted? Characteristics from                            babyhood and approach

12:30   Lunch (buffet)

14:00  Lecture Hayat: Multilingualism and Executive functions 
15:00   Workshop Mirjam: Boost the executive function skills in gifted children
16:00   Socialize (with appetizers)
17:00   End

Ticket: €250,- euro
Deadline registration: 31-12-2023